By using energy-efficient lighting solutions, GreenLight Programme Partners contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions in Europe.

By filling the GreenLight Reporting Form and sending it once a year to the GreenLight Reporting Office of the European Commission, they make sure they are eligible for using the GreenLight Programme logo, being included in the GreenLight Partnership Catalogue, participating in the GreenLight Awards, and having their "actions" disseminated at EU-wide level in the GreenLight Advertising Campaign.

The GreenLight Reporting Form is avaliable:

in PDF format (with filling indications; 103 KB): 
in Excel format (without filling indications; 195 KB): 
How is the Reporting Form organised

The present Form is made for reporting the energy-efficient lighting solutions of one facility only. Make copies if you need to report more than one facility. If possible, you are encouraged to use the Excel file version since it makes data processing easier.

The Reporting Form is divided in two:

  • The first 2 pages concern the whole facility and ask aggregate data (e.g. overall savings). Except for a few exceptions (see below), only these 2 pages need to be forwarded to the GreenLight Reporting Office.
  • The next 4 pages ask for more detailed information about one given type of space in the facility (to be chosen by the GreenLight Partner). Make copies of these additional pages if you need to report more than one type of space. See below to know when to send these additional pages.
This Reporting Form uses the terminology “baseline lighting” and “post-installation lighting”. If you upgrade an existing lighting, the “baseline lighting” is the existing lighting before the upgrade. The “post-installation lighting” is the lighting after the upgrade. If you design a new lighting, the “baseline lighting” is the conventional lighting to which the chosen energy-efficient lighting has been compared. The “post-installation lighting” is the lighting chosen and installed.

How to use this Form to report your energy-efficient measures

This Reporting Form shall be filled at the beginning of each year to report the energy-efficient lighting solutions that were adopted during the year before (Yearly Progress) and those that are foreseen for the coming year (Yearly Mission Statement).

It should be posted, faxed or e-mailed by the GreenLight Corporate Manager to the GreenLight Reporting Office at the following address:

GreenLight Reporting Office
European Commission – Joint Research Centre
Environment Institute – T.P.450
21020 Ispra – Italy

Tel.: +39 0332 78 9688
Fax: +39 0332 78 9992

The GreenLight Reporting Office will send back to you an acknowledgement  of receipt.

Yearly Progress:
Send the first 2 pages of the Reporting Form for each facility that you upgraded or built in the previous year. Attach the additional space sheets in any of the following cases:

  • your data concern a special facility that you want to showcase (see point 4.6 of the GreenLight Partnership guidelines);
  • you want to use the GreenLight logo for a particular space;
  • you want a particular space to be highlighted on the GreenLight Advertising Campaign.
Yearly mission Statement:
Send the first 2 pages of the Reporting Form for each facility that you intend to upgrade during the coming year. Indicate predicted / expected savings.